Diksha Login 2022 (Via Mobile, Google Account, State System)

Diksha Portal was started in the year 2017 by the Ministry of Education to provide a smooth digital platform to learners as well as teachers. It is available for all the states in India. It is available in more than 18 different languages, and the students from NCERT, SCERT, and CBSE board can have the access to the portal.

Diksha Login 2022

The Government of India has started with the concept of this digital platform to offer several benefits and aids to teachers and students.

Here are some of the essential benefits that you can avail yourself with Diksha Login:

  • Interactive Sessions:

The interactive sessions on the portal can help the students in understanding a concept in a much better way. Also, there are activities that help the students in revising the lessons that they have done before.

  • Online Assessments:

The students can also test their capabilities by participating in different tests and assessments online. This also enables them to practice the questions for the actual exam that they need to face later on.

  • Convenience for Teachers:

Teachers can access different work plans, activities, and others to create such lessons for the students that will be enjoyable for them. Also, creating such activities enables the teachers also to teach the students in a much easier way.

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Pre-requisite for Diksha Login

If you are a member of any organization that comes within the parameter of Diskha, you can log in to access all the essentials.

In order to login to Diksha, you need to have the sign-in URL of Diksha that is https://diksha.gov.in/help/getting-started/login/index.html. Secondly, you also need to have the user credentials that you can get from the organization where you are a member.

Anyone can access the contents on Diksha. But the difference is that the guests can only access a limited amount of content on the site. But if you are a member and you have the necessary login credentials, you can access all the content that you wish to access on the site.

In order to register on the site, you need to accept all the terms and conditions of the site that comes up as a pop-up. You cannot continue with the registering process until and unless you are not accepting these rules and regulations.

How To Login Disha Online?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to Login into the Diksha page.

Step – 1 – Provide the mobile number or the email address that you have used during the registration process.

Step – 2 – Provide the password that you have created during registration.

Step – 3 – Now click login to enter.

Password Reset

In case if you have forgotten the password, you can retrieve it by following these steps.

Step – 1 – First, click on the Forgot Password option just under the box of Password.

Step – 2 – On the new page that comes up, you have to provide your phone number or email address that you have registered with Diksha during signing up.

Step – 3 – Now provide your user name in the next tab and click on the Next button.

Step – 4 – Select the option where you wish to get your OTP and click on Get OTP.

Step – 5 – As you get the OTP, feed that in the OTP box and click on Submit.

If you did not get the OTP, click on the option of Resend OTP to get it.

Step – 6 – Now the next page that opens up, provide a new password.

Step – 7 – In the next box, re-enter the password to confirm it.

Step – 8 – As you provide the right password on the confirm box, click on the Submit button.

Now your password is changed and you can login to your Diksha account with your username and this new password that you have created.

Login with Google Account

Apart from this procedure of login, you can also login using your Google account or a State system.

After logging in, you will get the option of installing the Diksha application for your smartphone. Just click on the install option provided and you can install the application. You can also install the application directly from your Google Playstore or Apple App Store depending upon the platform that you are using on your phone. You need to follow the steps as guided by the applications to get registered through your smartphone.

The candidates can make use of their respective Google accounts also to log in to the Diksha page. Now, if your browser is already logged in with your Google account, you need to follow these steps.

Step – 1 – Select the username that is showing up on the screen.

Step – 2 – Next, click on the Allow option that comes next.

But if you wish to login with some another Google account, you need to follow these steps.

Step – 1 – In place of selecting the username, click on the other option of Use another account.

Step – 2 – Now enter your Google user name or email address here. You can also enter your phone number that is registered with your Google account.

Step – 3 – Now, click on the option of Next.

Step – 4 – Here, enter your Google password and click on Next.

Login with a State System

If you have a State account, you can also log into Diksha with the credentials of your State account. Follow these steps to log in with a State System.

Step – 1 – Select the option of Login with State System on the login page.

Step – 2 – A drop-down menu will appear on the next page from where you need to select your respective State.

Step – 3 – Now click on the Submit option.

Step – 4 – A new page will appear that is the login page of your State.

Step – 5 – Here you have to provide the credential that you have been provided by the State and then log in.

If you are logging in for the first time, you have to log in with your mobile number for verification purposes. Here are the steps to follow.

Step – 1 – Provide the mobile number that is registered with the State.

Step – 2 – Now click on the Submit option to get the OTP on your registered number.

Step – 3 – Provide the OTP that you have received.

Step – 4 – Again click on the option Submit OTP.

In case if you have not received your OTP, you can click on the Resend OTP option to get the OTP once again.

Selection of User Location

After you have successfully logged into your Diksha portal, you need to select the location. Selecting your location enables the portal to provide you with content relevant to you or from your particular State.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step – 1 – From the dropdown menu of State, select your respective State.

Step – 2 – From the dropdown menu of districts, select your respective district.

Step – 3 – Now click on the Submit option to proceed.

Verification of Teacher ID

Do you wish to verify your Diksha account? Here are the steps that you need to follow to do so.

Step – 1 – From the popup that comes up about Teacher ID verification, you have to click on Yes, if you are a teacher at a Government school.

Step – 2 – On the same popup, you have to click on No if you are not a Government employee.

If by mistake, you have click on the option No, even if you are a teacher at a Government school, you should get in touch with the State admin to rectify the error.

Step – 3 – A dropdown menu comes up from where you need to select your State.

This dropdown menu will only come up when more than two states have uploaded their teacher details.

Step – 4 – Now provide the teacher ID that you have in the provided blank space and click on the Submit option.

Step – 5 – A message saying Teacher Profile Verified Successfully will appear on the screen if the verification is completed successfully.

Step – 6 – After this, as you click on Ok, the popup closes.

The verification process ends if it is not successful two times repeatedly. In such a case, you have to get in touch with the State admin and activate the verification process once again.

Diksha Registration

Candidates who are registering for the very first time on the Diksha portal can do so by Signing up through the link https://diksha.gov.in/help/getting-started/login/sign-up.html. These candidates need to have their user credentials from the respective organizations or State. If you have not registered with Diksha yet, here are the steps that you can follow to do so.

Step – 1 – Just under the login button on the Sign-In page, you will find the option of Register on which you have to click.

Step – 2 – A page will come up where you need to first input your Full Name.

Step – 3 – Now you have to choose whether you wish to register using your email address or your phone number.

Step – 4 – After providing the required data i.e., your phone number or your email address, select your password.

Step – 5 – Provide the same password once again and click on the option of Register.

While selecting your password, you have to keep in mind that you should select 8 characters with a combination of upper case and lower case, along with a special character.

After the registration process is complete, a new page will open up. Also, you will get an OTP on the required contact detail that you have selected during registration. If you have a selection mobile phone, you will get an SMS on the same number. If you have selected an email address, you will get an email with the OTP.

Now, you have to follow these steps.

Step – 1 – Provide the OTP in the space provided.

Step – 2 – If you have not noticed the OTP for any reason, click on the Resend option that is there just under the empty space for OTP.

Step – 3 – After providing the OTP, click on the option of Submit OTP.

Step – 4 – Submitting the OTP will create your profile and you will be taken to the login page.

Step – 5 – Provide your user address that is the email address or the phone number that you have used for getting registered.

Step – 6 – Provide the created password and login.

Step – 7 – On the next page after login, a popup window will come up on which you need to read the terms and accept it.

Step – 8 – Click on the continue button in the popup.

Step – 9 – On this next page, you have to select from different options such as Board, Medium, and others.

Step – 10 – After carefully selecting all the options, click on the Submit option.

Step – 11 – In the location option, select your State and again click on the Submit option.

The selection of options such as Board, subjects, or even the State is necessary so that you can get content that is relevant to you. This process is going to save you a lot of time in searching for the right content from a huge amount of data available. Make sure that you have selected all the points very carefully so that you can make use of the Diksha portal in the most convenient way.

As you complete the entire process properly, you will get your profile registered on Diksha. Now, you can explore a whole new world of content on different topics and subjects. Students can avail different options to study in the most entertaining way. On the other hand, the teachers can check out different options provided on the portal to come up with different options to help the students understand the subjects in the most convenient way. Moreover, the portal has opened a new world that is filled with opportunities for the learners as well as for the teachers.

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